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Bee Hive Butter Life  company created R. Donell. L. Benjamin aka " Papa Dee" in 2017, it was the transition  to discover a platform he started called Ink Kandy Life to showcase the amazing diverse community of artists, photographers, musicians, models, and extreme tattoo enthusiasts in Salt Lake City! In 2017 he decided to transformed Ink Kandy Life into a lifestyle brand and created Bee Hive Butter for his local tattoo community which is an all-natural and organic full body care product for everyone. Bee Hive Butter is great for both tattoo artists,  estheticians, or anybody. It soothes every part of your body from hair to toe! Bee Hive Butter promotes natural healing for all kinds of skin types! Bee Hive Butter is therapeutic and formulated to help relieve itchy/ dry skin, repair and deeply hydrate and restore all types of skin types. For the body care professional or artist, Bee Hive Butter eliminates the worries of clients damaging their skin while the healing process is taking place by placing too much non-breathable petroleum based products on their skin. Bee Hive Butter literally melts into your skin and instantly starts the healing process it is "ALL NATURAL & ALL VEGAN".

In 2018 he decided that his next step in the evolution of his company and his career was to build from scratch a new type of Body Art Studio & Art Gallery, and with that thought The Black Art Society was created. He worked with the mayor, his lawyer and zoning commission of the city of Mill Creek City, Utah to create not only a new zoning location and standards for body art studios, but a complete new style of Body Art Studio. Steering far away from your typical store front tattoo shop, Black Art Society is reminisce of a mix between spa meets Willy Wonka's artistic expression. From the moment you walk in most clients instantly have a state of euphoric confusion with the entry resembling a modern eccentric coffee shop, while entering the lobby leaves clients with the idea of maybe they have entered a spa. With each private room boasting the creativity of the artist which occupies it But to understand it you have to experience it first hand for yourself. 

Why Bee Hive Butter?


Lets be honest it is actually a ALL VEGAN skin and tattoo care from the Bee Hive State.

We don't care to or have time to hustle our clients or artist on its quality it truly speaks for itself. Bee Hive Butter's superb scent and moisturizes & heals like no other can! Bee Hive Butter is an all-natural and organic procedure and aftercare product for tattoo artists and enthusiasts. During procedures, Bee Hive Butter creates a smooth lubrication and barrier by melting right into the skin! O ooh and no it does not have any bee products in it. It from the Bee Hive State. 

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